Proper Gift Giving at Italian Weddings

Attending a wedding is an honor; you have been chosen to share a most special day with two people who have decided to declare their love of one another to the world, so it's important to know what kind of gift to bring for the lucky bride and groom to show your appreciation for being included, and to help said couple begin their new life together. However, it is sometimes hard to find the right gift, the gift that will best represent how you see the couple, and even how their community will see them. As is true for Italian couples, your gift to them will say something about their families, so therefore it must be acceptable to their families. Here are some foolproof tips on Italian wedding gift etiquette you should know.


Go Big or Go Home

Rather, go big or stay home. The rule of thumb for Italian weddings is simply: if you cannot afford to give a rather pricey, elegant gift than you should simply stay home. Turn down the invitation if you are not prepared to spend $200-$400 on a wedding gift for the bride and groom. Remember that the gift you give is your thank you to the couple and their families, and as the families held in highest esteem receive the most lavish gifts, if your gift is something cheap or of poor taste, it will reflect badly on the families and will not be received well.

 A Personal Touch Goes a Long Way

This couple has spent what is expected to be a large sum of money on this beautiful day to express their love of one another, and they have had the foresight to include you in their revelry. Therefore, if you cannot decide on an appropriate gift, try something personalized. What says congratulations and best wishes on your happy future than something you have had made personally for the bride and groom. Something made from you heart and destined for theirs is one the best gifts they could receive; it says to them that you have thought of their union and what it means to you and have decided to put into a gift feelings of love and gratitude that words alone cannot express.



Weddings are expensive, especially Italian weddings where the guest list can easily climb into the many hundreds; and putting together an acceptable reception to feed and entertain hundreds of guests can easily become costly. So what couple wouldn't like to start their life together with a little extra padding in the bank? It is even custom in Italian weddings to give money as a gift to the bride and groom, so much so that the bride carries a special satin purse specifically for money gifted to her by the guests. Called la borsa and usually held onto during the reception by an older family member, the little satin purse is where guests can place envelopes of money for the couple, or even money to reserve a dance with the beaming bride.

Italian weddings are fantastically beautiful and family oriented events steeped in tradition. The new wave is to give a gift to the groom and on this site there are plenty ideas to get an inspiration. Knowing the proper gift giving etiquette will both help show your appreciation to the couple, as well as save you from the embarrassment of giving a poorly received wedding gift.